Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Student Council Elections

Greetings from the CLAMS Shell!

We are so very proud to announce that this year has begun successfully and we are on the way to many creative learning endeavors and academic greatness.

Recently the CLAMS were involved in campaigning for Student Council positions. This year's student council will be comprised of 2 representatives from each homeroom for grades fourth and fifth. The six grade positions this year will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian / Blogger, Girl Chaplin and Boy Chaplin.

This year's race was very close and each runner excelled in their own campaigning. It was truly special to see each "CLAM" stand on their own platform and deliver their speech with confidence, dignity and with great pride. To each student, thank you for a race well done.

I will now announce the winners of the 2014 - 15 Student Council:

Brandon Lee
Vice President:
Cassidy Anselmo
   Jackie LeDoux
   Betsy Adams
   Girl Chaplin:
  Natalee Chalee
Boy Chaplin:
Ian Stewart  
Tyler Henderson
Historian / Blogger:
Kyler Henderson 
4th Grade Representatives:
North: Hallie Lemoyne & William Barber
Wallis: Jaden Melilli & Camille Martin
5th Grade Representatives:
Smith: Paige Hoffman & Joshua Domingue
Hebert: Benjamin Papizan & Elizabeth Latiolais

We are truly looking to have a great school year full of fun, growing, helping and serving. Stay tune to all of our endeavors as we continue to update this page with the many happenings inside the CLAMS shell.